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"Zhodino State Polytechnic College"
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Zhodino State Politechnic Colledge is a Special Secondary Educational Institution which prepares specialists of middle level in technical and economic profiles. For more than 5 years we have been preparing skilled specialists who work at the enterprises of our Republic and in different spheres of social life.For the whole period of existence more than 8000 specialists have been prepared. They are competitive in the labour market and meet the requirements of different branches of the Republic Belarus national economy. The pedagogical staff of the college is highly professional and experienced. The tutors are enthusiasts in their profession, they are creative,self-motivated. At present the staff is working hard to raise the quality of the education process. They try to inroduce new technologies to the process of studies, strengthern ties with enterprises and expand the sphere of activity for future specialists.

Favourable conditions are created in the colledge to prepare highly qualified specialists competitive in the labour market. There are 4 floos in our main building.There are 33 modern studies and laboratories, production workshops, a library which supplies students and tutors with textbooks, reference books and fiction,a reading hall with the Internet.We are trying to create favourable conditions not only for successful studies and for effective rest. We have all the facilities for this: a gym, where not only PT lessons take place but we have all the opportunities to develop sport skills at various athletics sections,the assembly hall is for different ceremonies and entertaining events, besides there are some societies where creative,gifted and talented students can show and develop their skills and for those who want to develop professional skills there are subject circles and scientific - technical ones.

The technical specialities graduates of our Colledge get a guaranted job at the enterprises of Zhodino, Borisov, Minsk at the end of studies.

Our Colledge is a branch of Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU). Our graduates can enter the shortened term of studies on 21 specialties at BNTU.

Our present students have active life position, can defend their views and convictions, know the value and importance of the chosen profession,they show constant quality by their knowledge and skills they are capable of innovative ideas in accordance with modern technical directions and tendences in industry. Our Colledge graduates can face the future without fear as we guarantee the quality of the specialists on the modern levels .

Choosing the future profession and the Education institution to continue your studies - choose us and Zhodino Colledge will do its best for you to be proud of your profession and were successful in the labour market

At present we prepare specialists in six specialties:

Technology of Automobile building

Metal-cutting machine-tools and tools

Assembly and Exploitation of Electrical equipment

Technical preparation and Software Machine-tools and Handlers Setup

Economics and organization of production

Accounting, analysis and control