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"Жодинский государственный политехнический колледж"
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A comfortable hostel is available.

The cost of living in the hostel: full-time department – 25 dollars a month.Part- time department – 20 dollars a night

Terms of documents application: from the 15th of July till the 1st of October

Educational services for foreign citizens:

  1. Training in Russian and English languages in the next fields:
    • 2-36 03 31 Assembly and exploitation of electrical equipment
    • 2-36 01 01 Technology of machine-building
    • 2-36 01 32 Technological preparation and adjustment of machine-tools and manipulators with numerical control
    • 2-27 01 01 Economics and organization of production
    • 2-25 01 35 Accounting, analysis and control
  2. Carrying out of integrated education (full-time + distant education; tuition by correspondence + distant education) for foreign sitizens;
  3. Retraining (refresher course) and raising the level of one’s skill (in English) in the next fields: electrician on repairing of electrical equipment; turner; operator of programmable machines; miller; adjuster of the programmable machines and manipulators with numerical control

Carrying out of he access course on Russian as a second language for foreign sitizens

Film about the College

A skilled technician is a strategist and tactician in the production, who knows new and modern trends in the development of technical equipment and technologies.

For 55 years Zhodino State Polytechnical College has been training specialists who are able to meet the challenges of today and the future and experts in specialties demanded by production: - specialists in assembly, exploitation and maintenance of electrical equipment, repairing and maintenance of electrical networks, devices and equipment in many branches of National Economy (speciality 2-36 03 31 Assembly and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment); - specialists in operation, exploitation and maintenance of modern high-tech metal-working equipment at automobile-building enterprises (specialities 3 - 36 01 31 Metal – Cutting Machine-tools, 2 - 36 01 01 Technology of Automobile Building, 2 - 36 01 32 Technological Preparation and Setup of Software Machine - tools and Manipulators; - economists and accountants for large automobile-building enterprises and small business (specialities 2 - 27 01 01 Economics and Production Organization).

The students of the college have all necessary facilities for training, favourable and comfortable conditions for accommodation and recreation.

The studies, laboratories and workshops where our students have practical training are modern and well-equipped. We have highly qualified teachers who are masters of effective educational methods and use these methods in their work with the students. There is a rich library in the college. It contains a lot of textbooks, technical literature and fiction. The students also have an access to the Internet. Some of our students live in a comfortable hostel. It is not far from the college.

Technical study groups, art and sports groups help our students to develop their creative abilities.

The college closely cooperates with the basic enterprises. The most important of them is OJSC «Belarusian Autoworks» (BELAZ), a major world manufacturer of mining dump trucks of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity, as well as the other heavy vehicles, being used in mining and construction branches of industry.

We are proud of our students, who take an active life position, can persist in their opinion and belief, realize the value and importance of the chosen profession. Our students take an active part in Republican competitions of professional skills, international and republican contests, constantly winning prizes in team and individual competitions. Our graduates successfully combine training in higher education establishments and career development, working at the leading enterprises of the Republic of Belarus such as OJSC "Belarusian Autoworks", Minsk Automobile Plant and many others.

Our college is situated in Zhodino. It’s a nice, young developing town with good infrastructure. Zhodino is situated 50 km away from Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. Zhodino is connected to Minsk with railway and motor transport.

Choosing a future profession and education establishment for training – choose us, and Zhodino State Polytechnical College will do its best for you to be proud of your profession and be in great demand in the labour market.